Saturday, March 23, 2013

You Have to Stop Working Sometimes

The technology that we have access to today allows many of us to work non-stop. In the past we may have had to travel somewhere to work, but now we are able to work from almost anywhere. Work, today, could be described as a state of mind rather than a location. Many of us today still travel somewhere to work and then come home and work as well. We have the same tools available to us at home that we do in our places of employment. The consequence of this present reality is that some of us almost never stop working. Even while at home, we don’t stop to let our minds rest.

From the beginning of time rest has been critical for people. Most of those whom I coach are tired and need rest. Many struggle to allow themselves to stop working . The inevitable result of this is that many leaders are burned out, tired, anxious, depressed, and altogether unhealthy.

Listen, leaders, you have to stop working sometimes. Here are a couple of steps in the right direction.

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